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Risk Management and Compliance Service

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Risk & Compliance

Risk & Compliance

Designing a product or service but aren’t quite sure of the regulatory landscape? We can work with you to build your products and services correctly the first time around – without the need for costly rewinds caused by unknown unknowns.



We will do it on your behalf. You know what licensing your business needs but are too busy running it to deal with complicated forms? We’ll take care of it. You don’t know what licensing you need? We’ll tell you. And we’ll gladly complete the application process for you.

Audits & Examinations

Audits & Examinations

We help you to to gather or create evidence, solve audit findings and create remediation plans to solve those findings. Let us put a plan together for you to fulfill at your convenience. Alternatively, let us do the work on fulfilling that plan and on fixing the problematic elements in your enterprise.

Technology Compliance -AskDegree

Technology Compliance

Creating a fully compliant environment within your organization is important. We can make sure that your company’s hardware and software are up to current security standards. We can also monitor the different security components within your compliance program, ensuring that they are sufficiently adequate for your business sector.

We Work With Early–Stage Ventures

We Work With Early–Stage Ventures

You have a startup to run and we know how much dedication it takes to be successful. We’ll support you with time-consuming things like AML program development, SOC examinations and research/analysis, so you can focus all your attention on winning.

Third party risk

When using third-party services to augment your business, there’s always a certain amount of risk involved.

We provide identification and management on that risk.

For Due Diligence Services

White-label compliance

Are you a boutique consulting agency looking to expand your service offering.
Do you provide consulting or advisory services to financial services companies and are drowning in your workload?
We want to help.

For Strategic Partnerships


Common questions

Yes, AskDegree will love to talk to you and determine how AskDegree can support your audience.

Yes, AskDegree supports our Client’s core team with our network of Subject Matter Experts. We fulfill roles ranging from Chief Officer (e.g. CCO) to Analyst. We often fulfill roles for emerging start-ups, we also can fill-in for staff on extended leave (e.g. maternity or FMLA). If you have an unexpected vacancy we will help you to keep initiatives on track!

Great question. Compliance can be thought of as an oversight function that ensures standards are maintained and risk is mitigated. Standards and Risk live in all areas of business including Accounting, IT, Sales, HR, Licensing and Business Formation, Vendor Management, Marketing and Advertisement, Data Security, Privacy, Complaint Management and much more. All businesses can benefit from establishing solid policies, procedures, standards, and reporting.

Tailored solutions create a variance in cost. AskDegree is not a low-cost solution, we are a high-value service provider. Many of our start-up clients enjoy the benefit of expertise without the overhead associated with in-house employees. Did you know the 2019 average salary for a Chief Compliance Officer in the United States is expected to climb over $169,000.00; this figure does not include the cost of benefits and other expenses associated with an in-house employee. If you operate within Silicon Valley, San Francisco, or New York you can expect to pay over $250,000 base salary + benefits.

Not directly. We will not replace the need for legal counsel. Our team can assist you in connecting with legal counsel, or we can discuss matters with legal counsel on your behalf. Over the years we have established relationships with numerous firms and will happily provide referrals to our Clients.

Absolutely! We have worked with a variety of Investors, Federally Insured Banks, Sovereign Entities, and Established Enterprises through various Due Diligence exercises. We can assess the level of compliance of a potential partner and advise on a remediation strategy. We have built Compliance Management Systems for numerous clients that satisfied requirements of enforcement bodies like the CFPB, FDIC, and State Licensing Authorities.

Many of our clients with established compliance programs reach out to us when the Company needs to quickly enhance its compliance program. This could come in the form of the desire to acquire a specific certification (e.g. SOC II or ISO 27001), or a Program enhancement could be a requirement of a partnership being negotiated. We will assist your team.

We understand, everyone is trying to maximize their budget and our Clients are no different. Via a simple internet search, you can find off-the-shelf solutions, generic compliance answers, and templated policies and procedures. Our Client’s come to us because they seek a compliance partner. Our Clients know the value within AskDegree’s collective experience extends past generic solutions; we have completed numerous market launches, partnership/investor – due diligence exercises, exams, audits, licensing exercises, certifications, and more. We have covered a lot of territory and have experience successfully navigating unchartered and/or complex terrains. Many of our Client’s have advised having someone on their side who knows the playing field is an invaluable asset. For the value we offer we are fairly priced.

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