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Risk Assessment

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The fast pace of technological innovation continues to keep institutions and businesses on their toes regarding a wide range of possible risk scenarios. No platform, app or service provider is immune to data leaks, operational threats or the unpredictability of an ever-evolving regulatory framework. The reputation of your whole enterprise is on the line 24/7. Performing periodic audits and risk assessments is vital to business success. 

We offer aid in the completion of  a range of audits and risk assessments such as BSA/AML audits, Fair Lending audits, FDIC exams, and CFPB exams.  If you are seeking certification, we can assist with that too. Let us navigate you through complex certification exercises like ISO27001, SOC I, and SOC II.

Have you recently completed an audit and are in need of process remediation? We can also help you put together a remediation roadmap.

“The risk increases significantly when you outsource vital and highly specialized tasks to third-party service providers or outside vendors.”

SOC Audit

We understand that it can take a great deal of time and effort to determine, plan and implement the policies, processes and controls examined during a SOC audit.

This can prove to be too much for businesses that cannot afford to channel resources away from day-to-day operations.

We can remedy this by providing you with as much or as little assistance as you require to support you during preparation.

Everything from simple offsite advice and guidance to full onsite preparation services.

Our team has the capacity to carry out the actual SOC audit as well, making it even more convenient for you.

AML/BSA Audits & Risk Assessment

Given all the steps required to be compliant, it is understandable that companies of all sizes can find establishing, maintaining and proving BSA/AML compliance a challenge.

Your company doesn’t have to be in the same boat.

We are here to guide you through all the complexities and provide the expertise you need.

Not only can we provide full external, independent audit services, we can also offer a full suite of services ranging from

initial program set-up and documentation, through to gap analyses and, if required, even full-role outsourcing.

Nothing beats the peace of mind that comes from knowing your program is compliant, cost-efficient and truly effective.

Compliance risk assessment

Performing a compliance risk assessment is critical to identify legal, operational and reputational risk exposure. 

We work with your internal stakeholder to effectively assess your organization’s risk exposure not only in terms of 

adhering to applicable laws and regulations, but also to relevant internal firm policies and standards of conduct. 

Our team will document our findings and provide recommendations for mitigating potential risks.

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