Risk & Compliance

Simplify and centralize regulatory compliance management, minimize risk exposure.
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Manage your regulatory requirements

We can help your business to stay the course in an ever-changing regulatory
framework. Whether you’re breaking into an emerging market like block-chain
or cryptocurrency, or looking to leave your mark in traditional verticals like
lending and SaaS, we’ve got you covered.

We will assist you to easily demonstrate to regulators and strategic partners
that your business is fully compliant. We will reduce your time spent
documenting and testing organization-wide compliance.

“AskDegree’s flexible support options provided
the agility we needed to respond to fluctuating
business demands.”

Remote Compliance Assistance

Do you need to quickly onboard a Chief Compliance Officer or an Anti-Money Laundering Officer? How about a whole compliance department?

We can provide you with remote access to one (or more) of our compliance experts to act as your very own outsourced compliance department.

Product Strategy

We can also have a look at the ways your new product will retain, maintain and treat private data, ensuring consumer protection laws are adhered to.

Take advantage of our expertise in diverse areas, such as consumer protection, financial regulation and UX design.

Are you building a financial services platform or implementing new product functionality into an existing platform?

Our compliance experts can work with your product team to ensure that any compliance and legal requirements are taken care of.

Anti -Money Laundering (AML) Program Development

AML regulations are tightening across the globe. We can develop AML programs for your startup. We can check the adequacy of your AML program when you are about to add a new product or service.

We can also refresh and modernize AML procedures in an already established business.

Compliance Management System

Our team will document your CMS Program through policies and standard operating procedures.

Need help maintaining your CMS Program? Ask about our Remote Compliance Support option.

Developing a compliance culture within your organization is vital.

We work with your internal stakeholders to design and install a CMS program that integrates into your organization’s existing governance framework and satisfies the requirements of any regulator or strategic third party.

Technology Compliance

Creating a fully compliant environment within your company is important. We can make sure that your company’s hardware and software are up to current security standards.

We can also monitor the different security components within your compliance program, ensuring that they are sufficiently adequate for your business sector.

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